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Southcote 53 Bar & Grill, Ancaster

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 Team Representatives serves as a liaison between his/her team and the Wentworth Adult Mixed Slo-Pitch League. Each year  we have a Team Representative Night to thank each representitive for the dedication and time taken to co-ordinate for his/her  team for family, friends and teammates. Thanks again from the WAMSL Executives.

  Sample: Team Representative Resposibilities

  • Representing your team at WAMSL meetings
  • Putting together family and friends to join the WAMSL program
  • Collecting the registration fee from each player
  • Help finding sponsor for their team.
  • Responsible Game day lineups and signatures
  • Playing field preperations
  • Scheduling Request
  • Reporting Injuries & Game Roster Report
  • Checking Eligibility For Each Player

 Waiting for the team reps to pick up their team packages, baseballs, schedule, league paperwork.


 7:30 PM Start: Team Representives - Expos Division - Bada Bing - Tony Picking Up Package


Angels Division - Foul Balls Team Representive, Erin picking up her teams package, Excited for the WAMSL season to begin.

                                                 First In Line                                         

Jay-Waiting For Beverage !

         Making Sure The Team Rep Has Their Team Package - Schedule  

Cheers To A Up Coming Great WAMSL Season

First In Line - Again

Expos Division - Expendables Team Rep - Rebbeca catching a Wing