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 WAMSL BAT POLICY                                                                                                  WAMSL BASEBALL DIAMONDS

The Toonie Lottery is a weekly 50/50 draw in support of a local charity called Food4Kids that provides bags of healthy food to 1, 200 children in Hamilton every weekend who would otherwise have no food to eat.  It is $2 a week to play and you could win a minimum of $500!

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Expendables Schedule 2018
                                     Rebecca Bowen Sales Representative

  2017 Expos Divison 1st Place

Binbrook Brewers Schedule 2018
Catchers In The Rye Schedule 2018
Odd Balls Schedule 2017

Letterkenny Shamrocks Schedule 2018
Muff 'N' Men
Muff 'N' Men Schedule 2018
Loose Cannons
Loose Cannons Schedule 2018


2017 Expos Division Champions

Bench Warmers Schedule 2018

West Highland Church Team - Bench Warmers


The Mercs Schedule 2018
West Highlanders Baptist Church
 West Highlanders Schedule 2018