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 Additional Play-Off Rules

   NO GRACE PERIOD - All games must start on time.

   HOME TEAM - The higher placed team in the standings is home team and must put out the bases regardless if you      want to be the visiting team.

   All play-off game rosters must be picked up 1/2 hour before your scheduled game.

   Winning team has 1/2 hour after your scheduled game to hand in game roster. If you do not hand in the game roster on   time. The losing team will be declaired the winner.

   The Division Play-Off games is a double knock out. Lose two games and your season is finished.

  In the Championship Game, the team that reaches Game # 10 that has not lost a game, must lose twice. The losing team   that has lost a game, must win twice to win the Championship.

  NO ALCOHOL outside the designated area (Beer Gardens/Headquarters) - Anyone caught drinking will be suspended    indefinitely.

  WAMSL BAT POLICY in effect. Remind your teammates to keep illegal bats away from the play-offs

  Team Representative - Please confirm you have your play-off schedule.